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These coming High Holy Days will see the publication of our annual Yizkor Book, which will be during our Yizkor services and will be yours to keep after Yizkor at Sukkot, Passover & Shavout. It will contain the Yizkor prayers and essays about Yizkor.

The book can also be used for the other times during the year when Yizkor is recited.  The book is a fitting way to pay tribute to the memory of our dearly departed relatives and friends. For this reason part of the Yizkor service includes a pledge to tzedakah, charity, a mitzvah done on behalf of the deceased's soul. Another mitzvah is Torah study, which our tradition teaches brings spiritual benefits to the souls in whose merit the Torah is studied. Names can be listed in the book for a nominal donation of $18 for each name. Any contribution above the minimum would be sincerely appreciated.


Please use this form to list the names to be included in the Yizkor Book of Remembrance. Please submit this form along with your payment by September 8, 2023.

If you are unable to attend Yizkor, please complete with the names you would like to have read during the Yizkor service. We will mention every name in the Yizkor booklet as a part of the Keil Malei prayer at each of the four Yizkor services throughout the  year.

Yizkor Memorial Book & Wall

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